Time Visitor
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Time Visitor by Elyse Douglas

In 1944 a Squadron of Navy Planes Disappears off the Florida Coast. One Lands in 2005... In Ohio. A YOUNG WIDOW ENCOUNTERS a handsome, time-traveling Navy pilot from 1944, who force-lands near her home in 2005. They fall in love, but when an angry, powerful suitor discovers the Navy pilot’s incredible identity, they must flee. They climb into the airplane and fly away… into storm clouds. IN 1944, LIEUTENANT PAUL EVANS, and four dive bomber airplanes under his command, are on a routine training mission when they disappear, without a trace, off the south Florida coast. In 2005, Gretchen Walsh is unable to sleep, still grieving over the tragic loss of her husband and daughter, who were killed in an accident the year before. She’s startled by the eerie sound of a propeller-driven airplane flying low over her house, and she dashes off to investigate. Gretchen watches a World War II airplane descend and land in a field near her home. She runs to it… and her life changes forever.
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