Time Travel Romance
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Time Travel Romance by Diane Queenston

Marissa, Jane and Mallory are three women studying for their finals at a university in California. They meet a man who wants to show them a machine which can bend time. Bored at the moment and interested in the stranger, they agree to go to his warehouse and see a demonstration of the machine. But the machine sends them back to Scotland in the middle ages. Macbeth is the loyal Highlander general of King Duncan in the Scottish Middle Ages. He travels to a hidden cave to seek the advice of the witches who are said to live in the forest. But he comes upon three hot women in strange clothes speaking a language he has difficulty understanding. The three women realize they are the three witches from the Shakespeare play Macbeth. They are thrilled to be visited by a hunk of a Scottish Highlander. But Marissa and Jane are pulled back to the present, leaving Mallory to take care of Macbeth by herself. Now Mallory must become the woman Macbeth needs to fulfill his destiny. She wants him desperately and he takes her back to his castle where they fall in love. But will this turn Mallory into the historical Lady Macbeth? Can she make Macbeth king without becoming the villain of history? Will Macbeth find love in her arms? Will she become the woman he needs? And what about King Duncan and his queen, will they meet their end as in the play? Warning! This ebook contains explicit scenes of passion and desire. For adult eyes only!!!
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