Time-Crossed Love
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Time-Crossed Love by Jane DeGray

When modern miss meets medieval man, can time-crossed love survive? Texas teen Ashley Duvall thrills to the romance of an archeology dig near Stonehenge when her Uncle Zeek offers her a spot in his university summer class. Her excitement fades as her big plans fail to pan out and it looks like it's going to be a long summer. That is until Ashley uncovers an ancient stone that sweeps her away to 1363 England where romance and the friendships of a lifetime await her. Medieval man, Lord Robert Spycer, warrior son and heir to the Earl of Hertford, is haunted by dreams of a mysterious woman. She is blonde, blue-eyed, and beautiful but not his betrothed. Pining for a woman to love, he intends to marry his childhood match. That is, until Ashley lands in his life and upsets everyone's best-laid plans. It's a midsummer night's designs gone astray that send mismatched couples scrambling for their true partners over the wishes of the powerful men who rule them. Will Ashley and Robert, with the help of a wizard, a witch, and their friends, win the right to be together or will they be forced into loveless marriages. Will love or power win the day? Will Ashley stay forever or go back home? Will time bring them together or thrust them apart?

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