This Means War
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This Means War by Kat Addams

Gimme an F! F! Gimme a U! U! What’s that spell? FU! Graduating Forks University Fashion Academy was the first step in my carefully designed plan to make a name for myself and my label, Minx, in the fashion world. Being pestered by playboy Preston Lancaster was a tale as old as time. But being turned on by my big brother’s prankster best friend was the latest—and I was a notorious trendsetter. From faux pas to ménage à trois, my feelings for Preston were getting too haute to handle while my relationship with my boyfriend, Jeff, was becoming so last season. I was a Beta Alpha Delta—a BAD girl for life—and Jeff was a Delta Iota Kappa—the DIK of my dreams. But even our Greek letters couldn’t hold us together when my Prince Charming turned into a completely jealous psycho. Preston came to my rescue, but now, he was standing in my way. I needed to stay focused on my fast track to the runway. After all, he was my sworn enemy. But it didn’t feel that way when I was wrapped up in his arms—and in his sheets. My resolve was hanging on by a thread … and so were my panties. Previously published under the title Sew Haute.
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