Their Human To Love
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Their Human To Love by Skylar Silver

Megan had nothing to fear from the two alien men who helped her - other than the intense desire they made her feel. Ever since the Klurians had come to Earth to start searching for mates, I'd been wary of the big blue men who seemed to make every other human woman melt. But when my car broke down close to Celestia - a bar where the Klurians were known to hang out - I had no choice but to go in there and find help. Tali and Hunter, two mechanics from their home planet of Klurux, offered to help, and straight away I knew they were different. I felt a pull towards them that I'd never felt before. My entire body thrummed with longing every time I looked at them, and it was obvious they felt it too. I was helpless to resist as my desire for them grew more each second, and soon enough, I was doing things I'd never imagined I would ever do with an alien by the side of the road. But with Tali and Hunter, it felt natural. As if the fates had brought us together for a reason. And I surrendered fully as the two Klurian men lovingly claimed me as their mate. ***** Their Human To Love is a 9,000 word short story, that's low on plot but high on steam. While it contains romantic elements and a HEA, this is an erotica story. If you are looking for a quick and sexy romp with two aliens, this is the book for you!
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