The White Enchantress
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The White Enchantress by Caitriona Drexler

Reason has no place in a world where love has no power. A girl from the twenty-first century finds herself lost in time, 1500 years in the past. Her life, saved from the watery depths of a lake by a magical sword. Excalibur. This retelling of the Arthurian Legends explores the fantastical idea that Guinevere was a time traveler. Knowing the fate she faces, Guin attempts to keep Lancelot at a distance after coming face-to-face with the legendary knight. Thoughts of Josh, Guin’s best friend whom she had begun to fall for, are the only barrier she has against the strong attraction she feels for Lancelot. But Josh is a millennium away, and Guin has no way of returning to him and all those she loves. As Guin grapples with the idea of time travel, she struggles to accept that all her loved ones are gone. The life she knew is over. The wedding she ran from. The father who gave her an earldom. The best friend who became her lover. All of that is in her past, yet some time in the future. CONTENT WARNING: explicit sex scenes, rape, death of parent, death of spouse, depression, bullying, partner abuse
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