The Torturer’s Target
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The Torturer’s Target by Kiss Leilani

She broke into his house like an angel of the night, so incredibly beautiful—her eyes bright with pure hatred, and a dagger aimed unerringly at him. "Who are you?" Max demanded, his voice cutting through the lingering haze of sleep. "Who sent you?" With unsettling calmness, she responded, "I'm the last face you'll ever see. Tonight, I’ll take your life in the most graphic way you could ever imagine.” Then, she threw the dagger straight at him. . . Tesiera Anderson is popularly known as 'The Torturer' in the underworld, due to her unmatched skill in inflicting unfathomable pain and torture to her victims. Just her name alone strikes fear into the hearts of the most merciless crime lords, for all her targets end up dead—some in methods more gruesome, more graphic than anyone could ever imagine. She answers to no one, serves no master—a woman with a heart carved out of stone. Humor eludes her; she never learned how to smile. Some argue she possesses no soul; her brown eyes, cold and devoid of life. A new prey has been marked by her, and his name is Maximilian Kingston. A multimillionaire at the helm of a vast hotel empire, and for personal reasons, he has become a special target for her. She harbors an intense hatred towards him to the extent that her entire existence revolves around the day she can at last bring an end to his life. And that day finally came. However, when she goes after him, she is bound to discover that things aren't as they seem with the devilishly handsome multimillionaire. Not only did it seem like everything she'd thought she knew was wrong, but the man tempted her in ways she'd never been tempted before. . . If you're looking for a book that features a villainous, kickass heroine—who doesn’t know the word ‘love’ prior to meeting the hero—a quest for revenge packed with action scenes, a well-told love story, and highly explicit, vividly described, and well-detailed steamy (xxx) scenes, then this book is for you. Please note: It does contain some content that may be triggering, so be sure to check the trigger warnings.
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