The Stormbinder King
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The Stormbinder King by Kate Ravenscar

“I know what’s here,” the king hissed against Kateri's ear, his strong fingers like a brand on the soft curves of her body. “Evidence that you belong to me.” Broke art teacher Kateri Jones falls into a magic portal and is transported to the mysterious island of Tairngire. On Tairngire royal men get their pick of the women and she is immediately claimed and marked by Prince Jack Stormbinder. He's gorgeous, he can't keep his hands off her, and he puts a spell on her that tortures any other man who would dare to touch her. Then Jack's brother King Richard Stormbinder comes home. Dark, cold, and harsh, he feels an immediate attraction to Kateri. But she's the one woman on the island he can't have. If he can break the magic of her binding tattoo, he can take her for his own. But Kateri is infuriated by his arrogant presumption that he can shatter her protective spells, and she will use every magical tool at her disposal to thwart him. Then one day Kateri has a run-in with a dangerous ancient evil, and suddenly she's not sure she wants to keep the wicked king at arm's length anymore. This steamy fantasy romance is Book #1 in the House Stormbinder series, set on the magical island of Tairngire where the reptilians are friendly and the men are dangerous. This series is inspired by stories from Welsh mythology.
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