The Shifter’s Stolen Fae
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Social and racial unrest in Faerie comes to a cataclysmic head when the reigning royals expel all supernaturals from the realm—save for the full-blooded fae. When tragedy strikes and Aurelia’s adoptive mother dies, the witches point their finger squarely at her. Eluding capture, she goes on the run, seeking rest and sanctuary from those who hunt her. But with all the undesirables of Faerie now running amok in the human realm there is danger at every turn. Despite her deepest reservations it seems there is only one man she can turn to, and he’s the last man she should trust—Grey. The king of a corrupt underground organization called the Syndicate, the supernaturals beneath him all have one thing in common: They hate the Fae. Unbeknownst to Aurelia, Grey’s been searching for a full-blooded Fae for years. And when his minions find one, he has no intention of letting her go. Especially when it involves fulfilling his fate. But his carefully laid plans descend into chaos when he discovers that Aurelia is his fairy mate… and the long-lost daughter of his greatest enemy. With popular tropes such as fated mates and enemies-to-lovers this steamy paranormal romance will keep you turning pages and begging for more!
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