The Secret of You
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The Secret of You by Olivia Sinclair

He says he's too old and broken to give me more than his name. I'm going there anyway... Wish me luck? Betsy Christmas is a time for miracles, right? Like convincing my stubborn husband in name only that we are meant to be more. That I’m not too young, and he’s definitely not too damaged. I finished college as fast as I could to get to this point, but… it’s not looking good. The last thing I want is for Heath to force feelings he doesn’t have, even if that leaves me completely alone in the world. I love him too much to trap him like that. But when I manage to rile him up enough to kiss me… swoon! Heath Betsy says she has no idea how to seduce a man, but she’s a born natural as far as I can see. But I’m not sure I can endure watching her try to hide her disgust if she catches sight of my scars. The truth I don’t want to acknowledge is I’m not really capable of denying Betsy anything. I might try to push her away for her own good. But in the end, if I’m what makes her happy, then me she shall have. She’ll regret it before the week is out and we can get back to normal, right?
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