The Roommates
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The Roommates by Allyson Lindt

Daria My ex taking our daughters to Disneyland is his latest way to prove Dad Rules and Mom Sucks. While they're riding roller coasters, I'm taking a trip of my own—a long deserved island getaway for one. And I'm letting my oldest's swim coaches stay at my place while we're all gone, and their apartment is fumigated. Except a last minute work emergency means I'm stuck at home, rather than lying on a beach enjoying the view. First time I see Colin wandering around the house shirtless, I realize the view has come to me. First time Tanner offers me an entirely different type of vacation—the no-clothes-horizontal-grind kind—I'm so very tempted. But I can't hook up with a man almost a decade younger than me, and definitely not two of them. Can I?
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