The Road Home
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The Road Home by Amy Alves


The woman of my dreams is finally single, and I can’t do a damn thing about it. 

For years I watched Sadie Miller with that jerk—watched as her light dimmed and her smiles faded.

Until one night, one alarming discovery, set us on a different path. Now I’m her protector, rescuer, roommate—whatever she needs me to be. 

And she sure as hell doesn’t need her new roommate making a move on her.

I’ve hidden my feelings for this long, how hard could it be to hide them a bit longer?

Apparently, hard as hell.

Because all I want to know is how her perfect body feels nestled against mine. 

All I crave is a taste of those sweet lips.  

I remind myself that this isn’t about what I want, it’s about what Sadie needs.

For now maybe I’ll settle for getting to pummel her abusive ex.

But the minute she lets me, I’m going to be everything she could ever want. 

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