The Regency Spring Love Collection: A Regency Springtime Anthology (Regency Seasons Collections Book 6)
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Four of Arietta's best loved springtime set stories, collected in one volume! This collection contains: A Diamond for a Duke The Duke of Blackwater has been left bitter by past betrayals, but when he meets the kind-hearted Lady Camellia, he begins to see some things differently. Lady Camellia, however, has her own secrets to keep, and when blackmail is added to the mix, everything is at risk, and it is only love which can heal the past. Her Passionate Duke The Duke of Grantsham is far more than he seems, but he cannot risk exposing the truth. Lady Linnet Quinton hopes to make a match which will improve her family’s situation, though a Duke seems reaching too far. When a charitable cause brings them together, they each discover the unexpected - including how effective a fire poker can be, at foiling a plot to kill. Will love triumph? or will the enemy overcome them? Her Determined Duke Lady Elizabeth Chartwell was betrayed by the man she believed the love of her life, and has hidden from society since. When her sister convinces her to come to London for the Season, the last person she expects to meet is the man she has never forgiven. The Duke of Blackstone has been forced to change by taking on the responsibilities of the title - and wonders how he might ever make amends for the past. But when a stolen kiss changes everything, he has no choice but to act - or lose the love of his life. Her Generous Duke The Duke of Birkchester needs a wife - but loathes the society ladies and their greed and social climbing - so when he meets someone who seems simple and utterly genuine, he immediately decides to marry her. Lady Hope Spencer needs to marry, to save her family from penury. But when she begins to love the man who might marry her, she cannot bear the thought that it might only be about money. Misunderstandings and deceptions almost tear them apart - can they each discover the truth in time to save their love?
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