The Protector’s Temptation
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Giving in to temptation has never been so dangerous. Fresh out of witness protection, Cherry Brimble thought she’d finally escaped the clutches of the violent biker club that stole the last eight years of her life. She couldn't be more wrong. Tasked with protecting Cherry as she flees to a new life across the globe, former Special Forces soldier Sam Taberner has his own dark past. Like all men in the covert Shadow Team, he’s haunted by a tragedy he won’t discuss - and can’t escape. Sam simply takes on the assignments the military and police can’t... or won’t. But Sam soon realizes there’s nothing simple about posing as Cherry’s fiancé. Red-hot sparks fly as they fake an engagement to keep her safe. But it doesn't take long before their act begins to feel deliciously real. As danger draws closer, giving into temptation won’t just risk their hearts… it will risk their lives. Discover Shadow Team Six: To the residents of Falcon, Colorado, these six former elite soldiers appear to have swapped their weapons for torque wrenches at the local auto-repair shop. But drawn together by tragedy, these powerful protectors have unfinished business. As the Shadow Team the work they do is so highly-classified no government would ever admit they exist... but chasing danger will never give these protectors the redemption they seek. For that, they need the women who steal their hearts. And for the women they love, there is nothing these heroes wouldn't do to keep them safe.
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