The Perfect Deceit
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The Perfect Deceit by January James


"This story took my breath away."
(Previously published as A Class Act.)

I’m the youngest, most successful billionaire CEO in London's Square Mile.
To everyone else, I have the perfect life, the perfect girlfriend, the perfect future.
But I’ve inherited shame I didn’t earn, and I’m shackled by promises I don’t want to keep.
So, when Lottie Matheson blazes across my path, she poses a torturous challenge in more ways than one. And she brings with her an epic problem: Her brains and ambition are not the only things that fire me up.

I’m everything except who I say I am. And, as long as no one knows, I will take this city by storm.
Landing a job with the elusive, brilliant, unattainably gorgeous Marcus Armstrong is my ticket to the life I finally deserve.
I expected to turn his head. I didn’t expect to turn him on.
When neither of us can fight the inevitable, everything I’ve worked for comes crashing to the ground.
And that’s when I learn it's not who we are when we're on top that defines us; it's how we get up when we fall.

"Marcus and Lottie will keep you turning the pages well into the night." 
Ivy Smoak, USA Today Bestselling Author.

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