The Nanny and the Hothead
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The Nanny and the Hothead by Krista Sandor

Charlotte Ames despises hotheads. You know the type. It's the growly, perma-scowling bully who blows his top at the slightest inconvenience. And her former boss, Top Chef Mitch Elliott, is the king of all hotheads. How big of a jerk is he? Big enough to make her hurl a salad at the guy. Those vegetables didn’t ask to be strewn across the floor. But Mitch deserved it! Is he devastatingly handsome when he loses his cool? Could his stormy blue eyes, flashing with passion, melt the panties right off a gal? That would be a yes. Still, she can’t stand him. And she’d thought she’d seen the last of the culinary creep. She was wrong. On the cusp of eviction and with five bucks to her name, she needs a job. Enter the exclusive Nanny Match Agency and an opportunity to make some real cash. Sounds great, right? Wrong again! The universe has one messed-up sense of humor. When she wakes up after a margarita bender and learns she’s become the hothead’s nanny, life goes topsy-turvy! But when the nanny dust settles, she sees another side of the man. A man who might be more than a hothead. A man who gazes at her with such intensity, she can barely keep from combusting. Don’t fall for the hotheaded chef. Her head knows what to do. If only she could convince her heart. Could this nanny match be the match that changes everything, or will it get too hot in the kitchen for the nanny and the hothead? Nanny Love Match Series: ♥The Nanny and the Nerd (Book #1) ♥The Nanny and the Hothead (Book #2)

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