The Mercer Curse
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The Mercer Curse by Pepper Winters

From New York Times Bestseller, Pepper Winters, comes a brand new Dark Romance. This 13,000 word prequel is recommended to be read before RUBY TEARS (Book One of The Jewelry Box Series). It's short but it's spicy. I’ve fought a curse all my life. A curse inherited by my sick father. There is no cure. No antidote for what I am. For years, I existed alone. Fighting the urges, doing my best to stay good. Until Esclave 58 entered my life and I didn’t have to fight so hard. She makes me better, she makes me human, but then he arrives on my doorstep. He says he’s my half-brother. He shares my blood. Our father’s blood. That makes him dangerous. That makes him like me. He wants me for his family? First he has to prove he has control over his darkness. If he does…fine. If he doesn’t? I’ll kill him. 5 Stars - Get ready for more darkness … Q is back and he’s not the only Mercer man to lavish your attention on. -- Literary Puff 5 Stars - This short novella is BLAZING HOT while Q shows just how much of a master he still is. -- Melissa GR 5 Stars - Henri is a worse monster than Q and boy I am obsessed. --Daisy Book Attic 5 Stars - I can already tell that Henri’s monster is going to be more depraved and harder to suppress than Q’s. -- Melissa GR
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