The Mafia and His Maiden
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The Mafia and His Maiden by Wanitta Praks


Amelia Stone
Choices. Every choice leads to a consequence. This is now my new life. And I must live with this consequence.

Nikolas Lorenzo, head mafia of the Lorenzo Group. He barged into my life like a raging pit bull, destroying my orderly lifestyle and shattering my innocent dreams. Gun poised at my father’s temple, he asks me point blank, “Choose between his life or yours.”

I’ve made my choice, and now I must live with this consequence. I become his.

But ours is a volatile and erotic relationship. He’s coldhearted and ruthless, but beneath the surface, I can see his fragile heart, haunted by the ghost of his past.

He is a reflection of me, both damaged souls, bonded together through an unfortunate incident. Will we both live to see the day we cherish each other, or will we both suffer in this beautiful hell together?

Nikolas Lorenzo
“An eye for an eye. A tooth for a tooth.” If you hurt me, I will hunt you down and exact vengeance on you tenfold.

Nikolas Lorenzo lives in a chaotic world, one filled with bloodshed and death. The only light in his life is his kid brother. But when his life got taken away too, Nikolas self-destructs, going on a warpath to search for the culprit. And it leads him to Amelia Stone.

She’s painted as an innocent maiden in his brother’s eyes, but he knows better. He asks her to make a choice. Life or death. She chooses death. But death is too easy of a way out. She needs to experience the hell she put his brother through.

And so he constructs the perfect hell for her, one where he has absolute control. But whenever he looks into her amber eyes, he can’t help seeing that innocent soul in her. Is this regret he’s feeling, or will he languish his moments with her in this beautiful hell he created?

The Mafia and His Maiden: Beautiful Hell is the first book in The Mafia and His Maiden series. Heartrending, angst, and filled to the brim with sensual smut scenes, this first book completes the first arc of the series.

Author’s Note: Amelia is Jenny’s sister in Maid to the Mafia series. Nikolas Lorenzo is Giovanni’s frenemy. They both appear in Book 4: Totally Devoted in Maid to the Mafia series.

Amelia, from The Mafia and His Maiden series, and Jenny, from Maid to the Mafia series, are sisters. Their stories run parallel to each other. For a better reading experience, read these books in the following order:

1: (Jenny and Giovanni) Book 1: Maid to the Mafia: Totally Captivated (free to download)
2: (Jenny and Giovanni) Book 2: Maid to the Mafia: Totally Alluring
3: (Jenny and Giovanni) Book 3: Maid to the Mafia: Totally Intoxicated
4: (Jenny and Giovanni) Book 4: Maid to the Mafia: Totally Devoted
5: (Amelia and Lorenzo) Book 1: The Mafia and His Maiden: Beautiful Hell (free to download)
6: (Amelia and Lorenzo) Book 2: The Mafia and His Maiden: Beautiful Secret
7: (Amelia and Lorenzo) Book 3: The Mafia and His Maiden: Beautiful Lie (pre-order available now)

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