The Lords of Carnage MC Collection: The Complete Series (Books 1-12)

This series has it all! Gritty alpha bikers. Tough, sassy heroines. And off-the-charts steamy romance! 

The Lords of Carnage are a brotherhood. Bound by oath, the loyalty of these men to their club knows no limits. And when they find the loves of their lives, they’ll do anything to protect and keep those women. Fight, kill… and even die. 

Each of the twelve heart-pounding books in this complete series is an action-packed, drama-filled love story for the ages. You won’t be able to put them down once you start! This exclusive box set includes the following books:

Ghost – Book 1
Hawk – Book 2
Brick – Book 3
Gunner – Book 4
Thorn – Book 5
Beast – Book 6
Angel – Book 7
Hale – Book 8
Bullet – Book 9
Tank – Book 10
Striker – Book 11
Jude – Book 12

Grab your copy now – the Lords are waiting for you…

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