The Look in His Eyes: A Clean, Small-Town M/M Love Story
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The Look in His Eyes is a clean, small-town male/male story of a man overcoming the slippery slope of an abusive relationship and learning to trust again when his heart says otherwise.

Effervescent and socially outgoing Kellen Marshall is a typical gym enthusiast who works with diligence at maintaining a healthy mind, soul, and body. One day when he glances across the room and notices Tyler, the shy and socially awkward gym employee, he is intrigued and approaches him, but is met with a friendly yet distant demeanor.

Often chased by men and women alike because of his steamy good looks, Kellen is baffled by Tyler’s withdrawn personality, and he finds himself looking at him through the eyes of unexpected intense desire. His mind can't help but linger on the sad emptiness in his eyes, and soon he is on a quest to crack Tyler’s stony façade.

Tyler, invisible to nearly everyone around him, walks through his days in a mental daze. He is stifled and trapped in a tumultuous relationship with the town’s narcissistic optometrist who has a roving eye and never lets anyone go unless he is done with them.

With time and patience, can Kellen penetrate Tyler’s icy exterior with the warmth of his unrelenting love? Can Tyler learn to let down his wall of fear and accept the love he wants and needs?

The Look in His Eyes is a sweet, clean, small-town tale of a burgeoning love story between two men who are opposites in nearly every way. The story is free of profanity and sexual situations, but it does contain two minor scenes of non-graphic violence that could be triggering and/or upsetting to some readers.

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