The Great Big Fairy (The Fairies Saga Book 7)
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You’ll laugh, gasp, and groan at the situations and solutions these bi-century characters encounter. **Revenge, intrigue, and passion with a light-hearted twist. **Bounce between the present day and the 18th century, survive mobs and mayhem, using nothing but grit and guts, give or take a knife of two. THE GREAT BIG FAIRY ~ a balanced mix of mystery, history, and fantasy, with a tad of romance, a dash of violence, and a pinch of humor added to enhance your reading experience. Benji, the 6'7" good-natured former wrestler, mechanic, and handyman is also an 18th century time traveler, stuck in the 21st century. His new friends in North Carolina help him adjust, but make sure he doesn't find out he's also a fictional character from the popular romance series LOST! Now that he’s found out it's possible to return to his natal time, can he make it back? And if he does, should he stay there once he's found love? Challenges abound, but this big guy is not one to back down. (Please note: contains adult topics. This is NOT a children's story)
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