The Governess and the Orc
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The Governess and the Orc by Finley Fenn

He’ll make all her dreams come true… but only if she can pretend to love him. In a realm of orcs and powerful men, Geva Okoro is a proud, impoverished governess, trapped in a dismal, dead-end post — until the day the orc breaks in. He’s a huge, insolent, arrogant brute, swaggering with smooth, shameless wickedness. But unlike the orcs from the terrifying tales, he only wants one thing from Geva… Her employers’ gold. There’s no escaping his devious clutches, and soon a furious Geva is reduced to raiding her employers’ house with an orc. Compromising her career, and destroying all her dreams… until the orc proposes another shocking scheme. He’ll split the day’s plunder with her — if she’ll pretend to be his mate. For one month. At Orc Mountain. Sharing his rooms. Smiling sweetly at his side. Smelling all over of his deep, decadent scent… He’s offering more wealth than Geva’s ever dreamt of, but there’s no way she can trust this treacherous thief… can she? Let alone convince all of Orc Mountain that she loves him?! And surely, even her best play-acting would never start to feel real… or win over an orc’s cold, broken heart? _____________________ An angsty, full-length, enemies to lovers fantasy romance. Comes after The Maid and the Orcs, but also reads as a standalone. Happily ever after guaranteed.
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