The Goode Governor
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The Goode Governor by J.J. Arias

A female governor. An ambitious exotic dancer. An unexpected love story about shattering icy barriers and pushing every boundary. Governor Georgia “George” Fernandez has just announced her re-election campaign when a scandal implicating Mila, a younger woman working as an exotic dancer, threatens to derail her run. Her quick-thinking chief-of-staff spins the disaster by having Mila, a recent graduate of George’s alma mater Goode College, join the staff. From the moment they meet, Mila and George’s interactions are fraught with tension. Mila’s direct manner and disregard for rules are anathema to George’s conservative nature and need for control. As they work together, the women find themselves drawn to each other and unable to resist the lure of a physical and emotional entanglement. Mila might be exactly what George needs to access the vulnerability she forgot existed. But George has never been one for risks, neither with her heart nor her career. Enemies turn to lovers as a fearless younger woman melts her boss’ icy exterior in this irresistible, and steamy, slow burn, lesbian romance. The Goode Governor is an entry in the Goode Girl lesbian romance series, telling the stories of women loving women in and around a small, all-women’s college in Northern Florida. Books can be read in any order.
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