The God of Wolves
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The God of Wolves by Mac Flynn


Adira ‘Adi’ Connor is a bosom companion to the wealthy, a laugh for the rich and famous. So what if her wealthy clients happen to be witches, vampires, and the occasional ghoul? The pay was good, and as a companion she was safe from the chomps of the other paranormal monsters.

That is, until her current employer takes her to Avalon Island for an exclusive, once-in-several-lifetimes party with the ultra-rich of the supernatural elite. She catches the eye of one of the more powerful alpha males, Eric Haldor. He’s a seductive young man with a mysterious past, which was saying something when all the guests happened to be centuries old.

Everything is going well until sunrise approaches and the monsters come out for one final chance at play. One of them plays a little too rough with her, and Adi finds herself knocking on death’s door. Eric gives her a choice: accept the ‘gift’ he has to offer her, or die as she is. Not a tough choice, all things considered, but Adi is soon reminded that every choice has its consequences. Some of them bad, and others downright naughty.

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