The Girl in the Peach Tree
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The Girl in the Peach Tree by Michelle Oucharek-Deo

Getting married was right thing to do. So why did cancelling her wedding flood Maya’s body with instant relief? Maya Wells spent most of her life in an emotional fog pretending her mother’s depression didn’t exist. With her wedding off the table the fog began to lift and what she experienced ignited a smoldering ember within her. Determined to escape the trappings of her old life Maya embraces an unexpected contest win offering her a trip to Portugal promising, food, wine, and adventure. Leaving past fears behind, she jumps onto the airplane with seven other contest winners, a brand-new journal, and Cristiano, a swoon worthy Portuguese flight attendant, who makes Maya think twice…about everything . With hope and anticipation Maya embarks on this adventure but is knocked back with unexpected challenges when a unique brand of betrayal and a secret from Cristiano’s past threatens to destroy Maya’s tenuous new world. Can Maya find it in herself to fight for the life she desires, or will she be crushed by life’s messy chaos? If you like stories of friendship, self-discovery and hard-fought romance, then you’ll love Michelle Oucharek-Deo’s The Girl in the Peach Tree. Book 1 in the Wine, Love, and Friendship Series . Grab your copy now to be transported on a journey of new beginnings.

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