The Forever One
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The Forever One by Tawdra Kandle

Escape to Burton, Georgia, a quaint farm town near Savannah, where love stories thrive. Jenna I convinced Trent, my long-time crush, to sleep with me on my twenty-first birthday. When he rejected me, it shattered me, and I tried to end my life. Now, after two years, I'm slowly rebuilding. My job brings stability, but loneliness persists. Then Lincoln enters the picture. Linc After my wife's death, I raised our kids alone while battling alcohol addiction. Six years later, I'm recovering and starting a new venture. I didn't expect the irresistible attraction to Jenna when our paths cross during a project. Together, we navigate a challenging path to love. Our damaged souls find solace, proving forever is possible. Discover how love can heal hearts crushed by the past.
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