The First and the Last

The First and the Last by Constance Phillips

A romantic relationship with Kelly seems as unattainable to Joss as getting out of his wheelchair. Joss knows the sands of time are vanishing. His one desire—to have a normal romantic relationship with Kelly seems like nothing more than a dream. She’s the varsity track star who’s smashing school and state records at breakneck speed. She’s been looking his way lately, or is it his service dog, Bug, that grabs her attention. Senior year is right around the corner and Kelly feels the pressure to be at the top of her game. College scouts are hovering waiting for her to break yet another record. No one seems to care she’d give it all up to be more than friends with Joss. Can Joss and Kelly overcome their differences and escape their realities to find love before it’s too late?
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“If you go home with somebody, and they don't have books, don't fuck 'em!” ― John Waters

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