The EvoAngel
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The EvoAngel by Ellen King Rice


The EvoAngel is an epigenetic thriller.  Edna, a sweet granny, is a long-time mushroom hunter. Fungi have unmethylated DNA that can activate human changes, and Edna is now sprouting feathers. 


Soon Edna's daughter, Lena, is also producing feathers. When Lena dashes to save a child from oncoming traffic, the run is captured on video, and the video is shared online. 


People around the world (including the ambitious and the predacious) are keen to know more about the feathered women, and why their bodies are changing. Are Angels real? Is it possible that feathered people have existed before?


Can Edna and Lena escape the very scary Dr. Band, who is keen to document and experiment on the women’s’ changing bodies?


Come join in an adventure that shows one path to change.



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