The Earl’s Error
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The Earl’s Error by Kathy L Wheeler


Their marriage is in trouble…

Lorelei Grey, the countess of Kimpton, can’t trust her husband. Not only did he exile her brother from England without a word to her, but she’s since learned he fathered his ex-mistress’s unborn child. Lorelei had only one stipulation for their marriage… to treat her with her due respect.

Thorne Grey, the Earl of Kimpton, wants his wife, craves his wife. When she threatens to leave, he panics and offers to pay her to stay. With him. While he’s bought himself two weeks, he can only pray it is enough time to find her missing brother and prove Thorne is not the scoundrel she believes him to be.

Neither is able to ignore the explosive passion between them, but in their search for her brother with only tell-tale clues in his brilliant artwork, they encounter a threat that could not only destroy their relationship, but their very lives.

Praise for The Earl's Error
"Sexy and exciting: Kathy L Wheeler tops smouldering romance with an intriguing mystery." 
~Miranda Neville, Best Selling Author

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