The Duke’s Dilemma
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The Duke’s Dilemma by Anne Shaw

Lady Amelia Brimley — I have always been in love with Oliver, Duke of Hayesford. My brother-in-law, Lord Noah Peterson, also holds a special place in my heart. After my sister’s tragic death, Noah and I became close. When Oliver proposes, I readily accept. On the eve of our wedding, I stumble upon Oliver and Noah in a compromising position. I should be appalled, and yet I am captivated by the sight. Lord Oliver, Duke of Hayesford — I asked for Amelia’s hand when I was six. Our parents took me seriously and were pressuring me to marry her. She is my oldest and dearest friend. While I love Amelia, I am also in love with Noah. If that isn’t complicated enough, I have never successfully coupled with a woman. Noah knows of my shame and offers to assist me in consummating my marriage, but I have a sense Amelia might object to such an unorthodox tutor on her special night. Lord Noah Peterson — Burdened with guilt over my wife Sally’s death, I rebelled. I have always been curious about other men and have dipped my toes into those dark waters. Lord Oliver shares my proclivities, and we become lovers. My feelings for Amelia have grown over the years. However, I could never act on them. She is my sister-in-law. When Oliver and Amelia become engaged, I serve as their liaison. Their happiness becomes my happiness, but it comes with deep scars. Guilt over my wife’s death continues to plague me, and for penance, I call off our unusual arrangement, but my lovers have other ideas.
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