The Dragon Prince’s Magic
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Practically perfect in every way… A teacher. A prince. And eleven magical children. Raval knows that Katy is the missing piece of his soul the moment he sees her, thanks to the fate-finding magic of the Compact. He’ll just have to learn to trust her with his out-of-step heart…and the keys to his car. Three days into the job of a lifetime, Katy’s entire class is kidnapped, precipitating a chase around the world with a gorgeous dragon-shifting prince and a stowaway puppy in an antique car with unpredictable upgrades that can break the rules of space, time, and magic itself... Set in an alternate world Alaska full of mystery and enchantment, THE DRAGON PRINCE’S MAGIC is a steamy, standalone, fast-paced paranormal romance adventure with a neurodivergent hero and a happy ever after.
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