The Devil’s Deal
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The Devil’s Deal by Lilian Harris

She’s the devil's daughter, but once, she was my only friend.   Everything changed fifteen years ago when her father killed mine. When she betrayed me. And every day since, all I’ve thought about is vengeance. Brutal, twisted revenge.   I’ve been patient, rising from ruins, growing an empire with my brothers, waiting for my chance to take out her father, the boss of the Palermo crime family.   The time has come. The devil will pay. I'm about to take the only one he has left: his daughter.   She doesn't know I'm Dominic Cavaleri. The same boy she hurt. The one who loved her.   But she'll know soon enough…right before I destroy everything she’s ever known. She's nothing more than a game to me.   And this time, I’m playing to win. Even if it means risking my heart.
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