The Darkest Prince
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The Darkest Prince by Jillian Frost

I have a dark secret, one that can never see the light of day… I’m obsessed with my best friend. What I feel for him goes beyond love. Bastian is the only person who makes my black heart beat, but he thinks our relationship is wrong. He’s afraid of what others will think about us. Until we meet Alex. She’s the glue that holds our unconventional relationship together. The one person who can make Bastian see that what we have isn’t dirty and shameful. I’m a hunter and go after what I want, and I won’t stop until… They. Are. Mine. The Darkest Prince is an MMF dark romance standalone and a prequel to Cruel Princes told entirely from Damian Salvatore's point of view. This book can be read before or after Cruel Princes.
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