The Curse of Black Isle (Highland Healers Book 1)
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His loss will bring him the greatest gift…
Her love.

Marcas Matheson’s life has spiraled out of control. A fatal illness has ravaged his clan, taking not only his parents and his wife, but so many others of the clan, it’s being called the curse of Black Isle. Worse, as heir to the chieftain, now Marcas must be both leader and savior to his people–but they are losing faith in him. Already there are murmurs that his poor decisions brought the curse, causing him to doubt his own ability to head the clan. But when his small daughter takes sick, Marcas has no problem making a decision: he must find a healer–one gifted enough to save his little lass’s life. And he will beg, barter, or steal one if necessary

When healer Brigid Ramsay is abducted in the middle of the night, she knows she just has to bide her time. Her over-protective father, a former spy and feared lethal agent for the Crown, will come for her. Her captor must be daft to kidnap the daughter of Logan Ramsay. But when Brigid realizes a child’s life is in danger, she softens toward her kidnapper, and vows to help him. As they work together, Brigid can’t deny the traitorous attraction she feels nor that she’s falling in love. But how could Marcas ever love her when she’s not the great healer he thought…?

Can Brigid save Marcas’ daughter’s life before her own father arrives and rains hell down from the Highlands?
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