The Culling

The Culling by JC Andrijeski


Humans who ran got culled. Humans who got culled never came back.

Jet is a 19-year-old skag, one of the humans still living free on Earth following an invasion of creatures called the Nirreth. Squatting in the ruins of Vancouver, Jet and her family eke out an existence underground, hiding from culler ships and fighting off raiding humans.

No one knows where the alien ships take the people they steal, but they never, ever return. When a culler finds Jet, she knows she’s dead… destined to be eaten or enslaved by the creatures that stole her planet and wiped out most of her race.

But what if none of the stories Jet grew up hearing turn out to be true?

When she arrives at one of the Nirreth’s infamous “Green Zones,” a place she’s feared her whole life, Jet discovers a world both brutal and beautiful, with beings not so different from herself.

Worse, the real enemies here may not be the Nirreth at all, but members of her own kind.

AUTHOR’S NOTE: This is Part I in the now-complete Alien Apocalypse series. As this was originally envisioned as a serial, the first book ends on a cliffhanger, but the rest of the books in the series are longer novels, and end on a more complete arc.


"SO looking forward to the rest of the series, you have me totally hooked and craving more..." ~ Shannon Mayer, USA Today bestselling author
“A must-read for sci-fi enthusiasts!” ~ The Masquerade Crew
“Protagonists and antagonists are never simplistic - they have personal agendas and, as a reader, I can never quite predict what will happen…” ~ SM Johnson, author of the DeVante series
"[A] detailed world with plenty of action, mystery, and a strong yet believable young female protagonist..." ~ Tamela Viglione, award-winning author of Buck


THE CULLING is the first book in the ALIEN APOCALYPSE series by USA Today and Wall Street Journal bestselling author, JC Andrijeski. It’s a dystopian, romantic, post-apocalyptic series about a tough girl named Jet Tetsuo who grew up on Earth following an alien invasion. Forced into living among her conquerors, she must learn to navigate a treacherous world full of friends, lovers, and enemies who pose as either or both, even as she becomes their most famous fighter in the Rings, their modern-day version of the coliseum where she must fight just to survive.

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