The Cowboy’s Cover Girl (Lassoed Hearts Series Book 1)
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When a New York supermodel and a Texas Cowboy meet, expect fireworks.

Soul-sick and exhausted, supermodel Sadie Stewart comes to her best friend’s Texas cattle ranch to heal. She’s kept men at arm’s length for so long that her last date is a blurred and irrelevant memory—which is just fine with her. She doesn’t need or want a new man in her life. But Jessica’s brother Knox makes her heart pound with his broad shoulders and sexy hips.

Knox McKinnis is blindsided by his first sight of the woman from back East. Sadie’s the most gorgeous female he’s ever seen. When he learns that she’s visiting for the rest of the summer, he decides to make himself scarce. The last thing he needs is to deal with a city slicker along with everything he has going at the ranch.

When Jessica gets called away for three weeks on a work project, she asks her brother to step in and shoulder some responsibility for her guest. What begins as an onerous chore turns into a budding friendship. Turns out, Sadie isn’t just another city slicker. She’s an intelligent woman with a lively interest in ranch life. It was bad enough that Knox couldn’t keep his body from reacting to her. Now she’s well on her way to capturing his mind and heart as well.

When friendship grows into something much more intense, and with careers on separate sides of the country, fate has already determined Knox and Sadie’s future. Or has it?

The Cowboy’s Cover Girl depicts characters with internal strength, blinding loneliness, great integrity, and deep self-doubt. You’ll be captivated by sensual love scenes and shocked by a terror attack at sea. Don’t miss this amazing romance from award-winning author Janalyn Knight.


This is one of the best draw me in, grab ahold, and shake me until I rattle stories I have read in a long time… The author did such an amazing job with these characters you can’t help but feel and experience every emotion, every heartbreak along with all of the turmoil and confusion as if you are right there with them.

I LOVED everything about this book; the banter, the sweet swoon-worthy moments and the heartbreak that made me cry for them. This is a page turner that will have you cheering for the growing relationship between Morgan & Flint. I could not put the book down! It's funny, sexy, heartwarming, moving & romantic.

…I found myself in love with not only the characters but also the world that was created. The descriptions of the characters and their feelings are so involved, you can truly picture it in your mind.

Between the slow-burn romance, the protective dad, and swoon-worthy sweet moments scattered throughout this book--there were SO MANY feels rolling off these pages.

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