The Coventry Carol: A Darker MM Christmas Novella
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Old Man Potter.
Caspar Payne has heard them all and the less-than-favorable comparisons do nothing to get him in the Christmas spirit. Instead of eggnog and peppermint lattes, he much prefers to drown his hatred of the most obnoxious holiday ever with a bottle of whiskey. Except, alcohol and sadness can be a deadly combination and when he finds himself teetering on the edge of a bridge on Christmas Eve, the last thing he expects is a guardian angel in a Santa coat.

In theory, Nick should love Christmas, but he doesn’t. Being the son of the man known as Santa Claus honestly isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. Destined to take over a job he doesn’t want with a wife he doesn’t want, Nick spends his days looking in on ordinary people as they go about their lives. People like Caspar Payne, a nonbeliever who has captivated Nick since he first saw his name on the Naughty List seventeen years ago. So when Nick checks in on him on Christmas Eve, one of Caspar’s saddest days of the year, he’s horrified to see him standing on an icy railing. But saving Caspar from himself is going to take more than a Christmas miracle.

The Coventry Carol is a darker MM Christmas romance standalone novella. It's instalove and instasteam and includes references to suicidal ideation and attempts, alcohol use, and a bit of BDSM/dubcon. Reader discretion is advised.

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