The CEO (Silver Spoon MC)

Looks. I’ve got in spades. 

Money. I’ve got it coming out of my ears. 

Power. I’m CEO of the largest investment bank in Texas. Do I need to say more?

Too bad there’s something missing. 

My MC brothers keep me grounded, but I’m swimming in a sea of loneliness. One cold, rainy night, I pull over to help a stranded motorist and get the shock of my life. My soulmate has been living right under my nose for months yet we’ve never crossed paths. 

Unfortunately, meeting her sends my mind reeling and my charming personality is nowhere to be found. When I end up insulting my gorgeous, curvy girl, she puts me in my place and walks away. 

She might be determined to write me off as another conceited jerk but I’ll do whatever it takes to make her mine. Even if I have to fight a little dirty. 

These wealthy Texans have it all—Money, looks, power, their MC and brothers. The only thing missing is someone to share it all with. There’s a shortage of eligible ladies in town but these determined men won’t let that slow them down. These MC brothers are going to turn the town of Silver Spoon Falls, Texas, on its ear looking for their curvy, soulmates.

Beginning in February 2022, Nichole Rose and Loni Ree are bringing you the Silver Spoon MC. Come along with us on this wild ride.

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