The Cartel: 3. The Source
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The Cartel: 3. The Source by Julie Christol

The Source "Nothing is a secret to me, not even death." Parker: The missions, life in the Cartel, the existence I lead today is one I built with my fists. My past was supposed to stay where it was, but I didn't account for the ghosts of another era. I knew this day would come, that I would have to face the one I tried to keep at a distance. My best friend is trapped because of the choices I couldn't make. It's up to me alone to set things right. I can no longer run or hide, and I will do anything for her. Will I be able to bear letting her go again? Yet, it's something I must do... Jenny: For years, I've worked in the shadows to achieve my goal. I finally have the last key, the final element that could bring down the man who ruined my best friend's life. But once it's in my possession, everything goes haywire. Unable to control the downward spiral my stubbornness has thrust me into, I have to turn to the one person I wanted to spare: Parker. Everything I've done was solely to bring him peace, and I messed up big time on this one!
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