The Bet: A Sinfully Tempting Series
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“Holy Hotness!!!! Oh my God this book was fantastic! Hands down my favorite that she's written. The plot line is great, the characters are so easy to love, then you add in the panty melting steam and the heart stopping love story? Not to mention, it is also flippin’ hilarious! Holy crap. I'm obsessed. Where's my gorgeous firefighter?” (Carmen Amazon Reviewer)

Can the taste of her treats tempt her best friend’s brother?


Not those kinds of treats! Okay… well… maybe those too.

See…. I’m a baker. A damn good one too. A sweet one…. see the irony? Except, my jerk of an ex-boyfriend made a $500 bet to pluck my cherry (and not the pastry kind).

I’m not so sweet now because I’m out for revenge. And I’ve got just the perfect hot fireman in mind…. my best friend’s brother.


She’s my sister’s best friend. That’s a no-go, right? Not to mention I’m not good enough for sugar that sweet.

But now her sweet just got a little spicey with her plot for revenge.

A few fake dates lead to kisses that threaten to burn down the kitchen.

And now I’m obsessed with baked goods and the woman who makes them.

But can my spicey and her sweet mix?

Told in dual povs, The Bet is a standalone fiery best friend’s brother contemporary romance part of Alexia Chase’s Sinfully Addictive World.

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