The Bakery on the Cove
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The Bakery on the Cove by Eliza Ester

In the quaint seaside town of Chickadee Cove, Maine, Jeannie Miller dreams of fresh starts and floured hands. Post-divorce and with a spirit eager for change, she’s got her heart set on a bakery, serving up sweetness in her childhood haven. Funds are short, ambitions high, and help comes wearing flannel from the local sawmill. Jeannie’s plan didn’t include rerouted affection, yet there’s something about her down-to-earth ally that’s as comforting as the familiar coastline. Whispers of romance swirl like autumn leaves, despite Jeannie’s hesitance to reopen her heart. Could the town buzz be onto something? Between the charm of newfound connection and the echoes of old scars, The Bakery on the Cove is a tale of two seeking solace and finding more. Will a surprise twist and shared histories sour the mix, or can love rise in the most unexpected places? The Bakery on the Cove, is the sweet spot for those who relish in the joy of later in life romance and second chances. It’s the first book in a heartwarming trilogy that ends with a cliffhanger.
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