The Baby Contract: A Best Friend’s Brother, Surrogate Pregnancy Romance (Billionaire Secrets Book 4)
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The contract clearly stated that I was paying her twenty-five million dollars to have my baby. 

No love. 

No sleeping together. 


Those were the rules, but here’s one thing you need to know about me… 

I’m a rule breaker


My biggest mistake was having her move into my place. 

Anne was nothing like the other girls I’d been with. 

I was drawn to her like a moth to a flame. 

On top of that, she was pregnant with my baby. 


Only I knew how badly I wanted her to be the real mother. 

I was being reckless. 

Making a move on her would destroy everything. 

Including my relationship with my sister. 


Anne was my sister’s best friend. 


Our contract was on the line. 

So was my family’s future. 

Could I keep my heart in check long enough for the baby to be born?

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