The Alien’s Omega Surrogate
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The Alien’s Omega Surrogate by Jordan Starling

I‘m an omega who prizes his independence. How in all the worlds did I end up pregnant by a sexy alien, and targeted by his enemies? Caleb I left Earth to escape a world that says omega men are only good for serving their Alphas and bearing children. Now I’m stranded on a rundown space station, and the only way out is to become a surrogate for an alien’s baby. Captain Joltar may be tall, muscled and undeniably sexy, but he isn’t like the Alphas I knew back on Earth. He respects my independence, and supports my dreams of performing my music. And his generous payment for the surrogacy contract will give me the freedom to achieve those dreams. It’s all just business … until I fall in love. Joltar Hiring a surrogate was meant to avoid the problems of having a mate. Once the baby was born, I would hand the new clan heir over to my clan leader, bid farewell to the surrogate, and be free of all obligations. Instead, my beautiful Caleb has stolen my heart, and I can’t imagine leaving him, or the baby he‘s carrying. They’re the family I never knew I wanted, let alone needed … but keeping them means defying my clan. The most dangerous being in the universe is an omega with a family to protect When the politics of Joltar's world threaten both Caleb's new mate and his baby, all bets are off. Caleb might appear small and delicate, but humans are more dangerous than they look. Especially an omega with a family to protect. A HEA science fiction non-shifter mm mpreg romance.
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