Tepee Heat
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Tepee Heat by Diane Queenston

A headstrong woman of the new West, Coraline is a devoted professor of Native American studies who seems unable to find a man who shares her love of the rugged outdoor life. Yet one day while exploring a cave for Native American artifacts, she finds herself magically transported to a place and a time that feels like home; and to a man who seems to be the stuff of her wildest, most romantic dreams. A proud and headstrong Lakota warrior, Soaring Eagle feels protective of the strangely dressed woman who appears suddenly on the lands of his tribe. Immediately he is captivated by the strong and witty golden-haired beauty who finds herself far from home; yet who just might be persuaded to make a new home with his family and tribe. He becomes determined to win the heart of this mysterious woman who he believes destiny has intended for him. Can he succeed? *****Bonus story included at end of book! Tepee Fire***** Warning! This ebook contains explicit details of passion and desire. For adult eyes only!!!
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