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Tempting by Z.L. Arkadie

Passion and mystery intertwine in this irresistible and heart-pounding romance when an opportunity of a lifetime lands an eager assistant at the heart of a secluded ranch, working for a reclusive and seductive billionaire. After surviving two grueling days in an airport, drained and sleep-deprived, I finally arrive at a remote, picturesque ranch—the place where I'll be working. But my enigmatic billionaire boss, Spencer Blackstone, is nowhere to be found, although he leaves behind a towering to-do list. Lonely days pass, leaving me teetering on the edge of desperation. I even consider begging my mother for a one-way ticket back to the vibrant streets of New York City, even if it means accepting her strings-attached help. As I reach my breaking point, my elusive new boss finally makes a grand entrance. The moment our eyes meet, I'm enchanted. Spencer Blackstone's devastatingly handsome presence overwhelms me, stirring desires I never knew existed. Despite whispers about his reputation, I'm helplessly drawn into his orbit, the irresistible connection between us growing stronger with each encounter. As our relationship deepens, passion ignites, and I find myself willingly surrendering my virginity to him, sealing our bond. But what secrets lie within this vast manor? Why does a man of such power choose seclusion? And could his mysteries be the very proof I need to resist the allure of this dangerous love? Discover a seductive tale of secrets and passion in Tempting, book one of The Boss Billionaire trilogy. Get lost in the intoxicating romance that will leave you breathless and craving more.
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