Tattooed Heart
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Tattooed Heart by Elamy Pride

RYAN I’m in the best relationship of my life, which is ridiculous, because I'm absolutely miserable. My boyfriend of two years is a shark in the courtroom but more like a mythical creature at home, meaning he's never home. He doesn't exist here anymore. After months of him choosing to work late into the night, cancel our plans or simply not show up. I find my backbone and leave. I will not stay in another neglectful relationship or ignore the red flags any longer. I’m DONE, It's OVER. DREW After years of hard work and months of little sleep, I finally became a partner at Novak & Smith Law. I reached my goal but what I had missed along the way, was how miserable I was making the love of my life. Now he's left me. I’ve won the big case, I’ve won my dream promotion, now I need to win back MY MAN. Tattooed Heart is and MM romance story of second chances. With hilarious family group chats. Friends that become a found family and one Master plan of Wooing. Follow Drew and Ryan as they fall back in love while remembering how they got there in the first place.
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