Tasty Pickle
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Tasty Pickle by JJ Knight

Surely nobody has ever met their great love while using duct tape to pull cactus needles out of their girl parts on a mountain trail. Except I just did. Let me tell you about Axel Pickle. He’s a bronzed god. Totally outdoorsy. Worth half a billion after selling his nature app. And he hikes naked. He showed up in nothing but his hiking boots when I ran shrieking onto his private property after peeing on a prickly pear and being unable to put my pants back on. We’ve been staring at each other’s private parts from the moment we first laid eyes on each other. But I can’t date him. I shouldn’t even talk to him. And why he’s showing up at the hotel deli where I work, volunteering to slice the salami is a mystery to me. I’m running from a terrible situation, and I need to keep my head down and avoid the world. But something about the way Axel looks at me gets under my skin. And this time, no duct tape in the world can yank the hooks he’s set in my wary, introverted soul. __ Tasty Pickle is a full-length standalone rom com about the most charming, witty, completely useless hunk of man-meat ever to nature walk au naturel, a skeptical, purposefully underachieving deli worker, and the ghost pepper pickle relish that brings them together with a kiss so fiery that it ends up requiring medicated lip gloss. It is part of the bestselling Pickleverse, but you do not need to read any other books before this one. You can start your outrageous adventure into the world of the Pickles right here.
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