Tasting Red
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Tasting Red by Holly Roberds

My what big... teeth you have. To grandmother’s house I go, though I want nothing to do with magic or my former life. Especially not after being kicked out of the Fairy Fine Arts Academy. But when I find a dangerous, heavily scarred wolf shifter in my grandma’s bedroom, the fragile human lifestyle I've built from scratch is suddenly at stake. Magic, chaos, and my past is charging at me like a raging ogre on pixie sticks. My grandma is nowhere to be found, and I’m being hunted. The big bad wolf is the only one I can trust to protect me until my grandmother resurfaces. Worst yet, I’m in heat. I’ve told the werewolf “no touchy,” but just my luck, he hasn’t been to obedience school. The longer we’re stuck together, the closer he is to killing me himself, or showing me just how really big and bad he is.... In this spicy, action-packed fairytale retelling, Red Riding Hood is more spicy than sweet, and the Big Bad wants a taste...
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