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Targeted by Kalista Bemah

In the shadows of a dangerous world filled with crime and chaos, an unlikely connection emerges between two individuals who seem destined to be enemies. Silver, an emotionally detached Italian man, and Kasia, a compassionate black woman dedicated to healing as a doctor, find themselves drawn together in a tale of unexpected love. Silver, known for his enigmatic persona and cold demeanor, has spent a lifetime suppressing his emotions. Born into a notorious mafia family, he is skilled in the art of violence and control. Yet, beneath his hardened exterior lies a vulnerability he refuses to acknowledge. His inability to communicate and understand his own feelings masks the deep love he carries for his daughter, the one person who holds a flicker of warmth in his hardened heart. And his struggle to communicate and understand his own emotions keeps him isolated, even from his own child. Kasia, an intelligent and alluring doctor, is unyielding in her pursuit of healing and saving lives. She discovers herself drawn to the enigmatic Silver–a man who embodies danger and forbidden temptation–a man she met at a bar and had a one-night stand with. It was meant to be a one-night stand that Kasia would never speak of again, but two days later, when Silver's daughter ends up in the hospital, Kasia finds herself in a dilemma. The palpable tension between them fuels a dangerous game of cat and mouse, where their undeniable attraction clashes with their opposing worlds. As their encounters escalate from heated exchanges to stolen moments of unbridled passion, Silver and Kasia become entangled in a web of clandestine affairs. The boundaries of their connection blur, leaving them helplessly caught in a whirlwind of forbidden desires. In their stolen moments, they unearth a shared vulnerability, a longing for intimacy that transcends the boundaries of their respective roles.
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