Tangled In Time
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Tangled In Time by Caroline Corvin

A free-spirited artist, a wandering astronomer, and an instant connection. Is their future painted in the stars? Perhaps. But landscape painter Blair Silvestri hasn’t time for stargazing—or love. It’s her immediate, more precarious situation that she needs to focus on for now. Without a job or money, she faces a one-way trip back home to New Zealand to face her father’s smug ‘I told you so’. And a cheating ex hasn’t left her confident in her judgments about men. Daniel Tremayne spends his life looking skyward. Maybe that’s why he’s made such a mess of all his relationships so far. And why he’s decided it’s probably best to accept living the lonely life of a nomadic scientist—until the night at a remote Scottish castle, when a beautiful stranger literally falls at his feet. But what if the same trick of time that so abruptly threw them together also threatens to tear them apart? Tangled In Time is a time travel romance with a difference, exploring the challenges of navigating love across two parallel lives, and learning to trust the truth, even when that truth seems impossible.
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